Orlando Vacation Homes

When planning your long awaited and well deserved vacation to Orlando, Florida one of the most important choices you have to make is the choice of the type of hotel, because this can influence your vacation. Factors such as how many people are in your group, location and budget will be an important matter in your decision.

Most visitors come to Orlando for one reason only, the number of amusement parks and entertainment. Florida is a large state and so the location of your accommodation will be an important factor, you don’t want to be too far from the action, especially if you are planning on heading there every day! Otherwise, be prepared to either get up very early in the mornings to get there in plenty of time or sat in the car for long journeys with your kids asking ‘Are we there yet’?

Orlando Vacation Homes

You probably think that booking a motel or hotel in Orlando will be a cheap option, however, if you want a decent hotel close to the attractions, you will find the rates are much higher then you’ve expected and the closer you get the more money it will cost. Add for example food to this, as you will either have to eat at the hotel or restaurants in the parks every day which can push up the bill of your vacation. If you’re travelling with more then two people another down side to staying in a hotel is that room space is sacred and you will have to share one or even two rooms. You can imagine that it might give some troubles especially if your stay is for a week or longer, because everyone needs their privacy at times. Hotels can be very noisy, either from other guests that are going in and out of their rooms, spring breakers, kids running over the corridors and room service knocking way to early in the morning to clean your room.

There is a great alternative to hotel accommodation and that’s to rent a vacation home. Your family will have plenty more space to run around and spread out their belongings and if privacy is required you can take yourself off to your own room. A vacation home is a more realistic prospect for a family with children and any other larger group. Some have up to 6 bedrooms so everyone can stay under one roof without treading on each others toes.

Orlando Vacation Homes

You might be surprised but most vacation rentals come with a private pool and BBQ area providing secure surroundings for your children. Also if you don’t feel like going out of the door one day, you can easily stay at home, take a dip in the pool, catch some sun rays, watch TV or have a BBQ. Handy at night too, you can relax and chill out at the house and you don’t even have to play with your children as they can play and watch TV in their own rooms. During this personal and precious time you can relax and energize your self to be ready for the next trip to the wonderful Disney World!

If you take the total cost of a rental home and divide it by the number of people that are there with you, you will see it works out a lot better for you wallet. Because if you would put the same number of people in a hotel you will see that the difference is incredible. Eating out can soon push your spending up if every day. A rental home has all the conveniences of your own home, including a fully equipped kitchen, so take the opportunity to cook at home or arrange a BBQ, a much cheaper option. You could even invite some of the neighbors around and make some new friends.

When searching for a vacation home don’t just go with the first one you find. Check out a few before you make any choices. Many of the vacation rental homes in Orlando are decorated in a modern style and have all the comfort of your own home. You can get some amazing offers if you do some research first because the perfect vacation home which is close to the action, with a private swimming pool and modern furnishings is certainly not hard to find.

The perfect holiday will be what you make of it. Precious time with your family and choosing a vacation rental for this quality time with them makes sense, for you, your friends, your family and your wallet.